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Fitting and Repairs

At Flempton Golf Club, the club pro, Paul Kent, offers a comprehensive club fitting and repair service.

Repair Service

Repair service includes re-gripping, shaft shortening, extension and replacement, swing weight adjustments and loft & lie checking and adjustment.

club fitting and repair service regrips  club fitting and repair service grips

Grips come in a full variety of shapes and sizes. A selection are counterbalanced. Counterbalanced grips alter the balance point of the club which promotes better body mechanics and improved consistency and distance control.

Club Fitting Service

Paul Kent offers a comprehensive club fitting services that includes the use of both a Launch Monitor and Wedge Analyzer to

  • aid club selection and fitting
  • identify any gaps between clubs

club fitting and repair service    club fitting and repair service Analyzer

Wedge Analyzer

The Wedge Analyzer captures the motion of the wedge throughout the entire swing, including the delivery into the ball just before impact. Based on key metrics such as attack angle and shaft lean at impact, it recommends the optimal bounce and sole grind configuration of your wedges. Roughly 65% of shots played are within 125 yrds of the green.  The Wedge Analyzer measures the club while a launch monitor measures the ball. Click here for further details.

Launch Monitor

club fitting and repair service Launch Monitor      club fitting and repair service Wedge analyzer

The GC2 launch monitor gives information on ball speed, launch angle, spin rate and degree of sidespin. Click here for further technical advice.