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Golf Course History

Legend has it that a Scottish military officer rode out from his garrison town of Bury St Edmunds, on horseback, in search of a countryside resembling his own. Attracted by the pines of Black Plantation and the surrounding heathland, he found the place and was later joined by fellow officers with their batmen in a game of golf.

No fewer than 9 clergymen were listed among the founder members which included local businessmen, professionals and ladies from the surrounding towns and villages.

1st fairwayIn 1895 the subscriptions were recorded as being one shilling per month. The original course, on land belonging to the Hengrave Estate, of 2070 yards was extended by incorporating a further 12 acres in 1906 and at the same time completely redesigned by John H Taylor. Taylor’s accuracy was legendary and some would suggest this accuracy is reflected in the siting and size of Flempton’s challenging greens.

The existing course essentially remains unchanged since then. It was not until 1953 that the members of the day had the opportunity to purchase the land, when the club became the owner of the course. Club ownership helps maintain the unique atmosphere of the club providing challenging golf played in good spirit.

Flempton Golf Course 1990-93

A brief pictorial account of the building of the two main water features is shown below. The first image illustrates the arid conditions in August 1990 and shows the need for action. Setting out of the lake between the 4th, 5th and 6th started in October 1992. Just two and a half weeks later the second lake on the 2nd was complete. The photographs show some rather hair raising moments with running sand an ever present problem. Humour to the fore the fifth photograph below is titled ‘Even Volvos need a push’. After completion Roy Alderton and Adrian Copping, the greenkeepers, tidied up and by the spring of 1993 all looked shipshape and water was being drawn from the lake behind the 2nd fairway.  The complete pictorial account can be found at Flempton Clubhouse.

Flempton Golf Course History Aerial View   Flempton Golf Course History-Machinery   Flempton Golf Course History- Digging out 2   Flempton Golf Course History - drought   Flempton Golf Course History-Loading up   Flempton Golf Course History- substrata   14drought   16drought   Flempton Golf Course History Pipe line   6drought   Last dig   Filling up   Drainage    Flempton Golf Course History-Overlooking water   Flempton Golf Course History-The finishd lake