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Membership Fees

Flempton Golf Club has a variety of golf club memberships. These include Junior, Academy, Country and Full membership. The beginning of the membership year is January 1st with a pro-rata system in place. Membership can begin at any time in the year and fees may now be paid by instalments over a ten-month period.

The Membership Matrix, found here, is a convenient way to compare the different category rights.

January 2019 rates are below.

Full membership – £915 if over 35 years of age. Reduced rate for the following age groups 18-25 years £375; 26-30 years £500; 31-35 years £675.

2nd Club Membership – £650 if over 35 years of age. Reduced rate for the following age groups: 18-25 years £260; 26-30 years £350; 31-35 years £475. No joining fees. Further details here.

Country membership for those living further afield – £300 if living over 30 miles away (measured in a straight line).

Military Membership for those serving in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces or the United States Military based in the UK. Fees as for Full membership with age reductions as above ). No joining fee. Email the Club Manager for further details.

Associate Membership for a group of 8-12 associated players playing weekdays and occasional weekends.Away Players. Email the Club Manager for further details. 

Pro Membership £200 with guest sign in rights same as full member.

Student memberships 18 – 23 years and in full time education such as degree, apprenticeship or articles £200. Please contact the Club for full details.

Junior’s golf membership for those aged 17 and under – £80

Academy Membership £300 for beginners and those trying to get back into golf after a period away from the game. Coaching is extra. 1 calendar year only (once only). Applicants should not be holders of an official handicap or belong to a golf club. Email the Club Manager for further details.

Non playing membership offers six rounds of golf at a reduced green fee rate and access to the practice facilities (full members have priority). With full access to the club’s catering facilities and social events – £100

Joining Fee – £500 for full members over 35 years of age. For 18-25 years of age there is no joining fee; 26-30 £150; 31 -35 £250. Country £250. No joining for juniors or students.

Affiliation Fees –  All membership fees are subject to the usual additional County and National levies. SGU men  £8, SGU ladies £7.50, England Golf £9.

Click here for an online Application form or if you prefer a printable application form click here.