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Guidance Notes

for Visitors and Societies

Visiting golfers are most welcome at Flempton Golf Club and are free to play at anytime outside the times reserved for members.  We entertain a number of visiting groups at Flempton every year and we have drawn up these Notes for Guidance to ensure that everyone can enjoy their day and to help them understand the customs and conventions that are observed by our own members.


The season for Winter Warmers will run from November to March and groups visiting outside of this period will be regarded as a Society and pay the full society rate.  The rate for Winter Warmers will be as advertised and the cost of catering will be as arranged with the steward.


All groups of more than eight will be allocated a tee time and where appropriate will be asked to start from two tees. Groups of eight or less will feed in on the course as and when a tee becomes available.  The website will host a diary of visiting groups to ensure that members can be aware when a larger group is using the course.


Our own members receive priority before 10:30. The best day for visitors is a Thursday and it is the day especially when we encourage larger groups. The club website shows a diary of club events.   


It is our current policy to regard any group of nine or more golfers with a nominated organiser as a Society and a reserved tee time will be organised for such groups at the time of booking.  It is a requirement that such groups must play in two or three balls unless there is a negotiated course closure when there is clearly no need for any such requirement.


At Flempton we pride ourselves on being both welcoming and flexible to all our guests.  For this reason there is no set arrangement, other than the previously mentioned starting times, for planning your visit.  We prefer to tailor a package to suit your requirements and visitors are asked either to make clear their needs on the Enquiry /Booking Form available on the website or to speak directly by telephone with the club steward.  It is then possible to offer a unique package to any group so that their particular requirements are appropriately supported.


Slow play on the course is the bane of every golfer’s life and it is especially important on a 9-hole course that we minimise any hold up in play.  Rounds of four hours or more are becoming increasingly unacceptable and tend to spoil the day for everyone.  For this reason we strongly encourage organisers to choose a format that facilitates continuous play especially if it means that a golfer who cannot score picks up their ball rather than holing out.

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It is a requirement when visiting Flempton that all golfers comply with our dress code.