Course Status: Open on main greens

The Arbon Cottage Project

The Arbon Cottage was built in 1906 through the generosity of the club’s President Sir John Wood and utilising the skills of his estates craftsmen using locally sourced timber and the salmon-red bricks made at the brickyard that existed on the neighbouring Culford Estate.

The Cottage was built to house the clubs first greenskeeper-cum-professional-cum steward, with the longest serving occupant and resident Professional being James Arbon who took up residence in 1919 on his return from the Great War and only retiring in 1958. A great servant to the club In more recent years the cottage has served as the home of the clubs stewards.

As part of the clubs Vision, Development & Renewal Plan the cottage and gardens were renovated in the spring of 2020 and serves as the clubs residential quarters for the newly recruited Club Manager & Head Chef.

The members car park area was extended and importantly the sight-lines on ones arrival down to the course opened up by reclaiming the cottage gardens and removing the garage block. This work was carried out by a volunteer group of members and enabled the project to be completed economically.

Arbon Cottage Blue Plaque