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Flempton Golf Club is a private members’ club – candidates for membership should be proposed and seconded by existing members. However anyone new to the area or interested in joining the club should still contact the Club Manager for guidance.

At the time of your application if the club membership category that you are applying for is Full – a waiting list of prospective members is employed. When utilised this process is handled transparently and prospective members are kept informed of their respective position by the club manager.

I am applying to become a member of Flempton Golf Club and I hereby agree if elected, to become a Member of the said Club and to be bound by the Memorandum and Articles of Association and the Club Rules, found at

Membership Subscriptions



Joining Fee

Annual Subscription




Full (28 – 34 age group)



Full (22 – 27 age group)



Junior (Under 18)



Junior (18-21)





£100 + VAT

Couples – per pair

£500 per pair


Country 30 + Miles



Country £60 + Miles






All subscriptions exclude affiliation fees which will be charged where appropriate. 
Affiliation Fees 2021: Ladies £17 Gentlemen £17.75. 
Please see the Membership Category Comparison for full details of membership rights.
*Social memebership is only applicable to current members.

By completing this form you accept the decision of The Committee of Flempton Golf Club

 and waive all formal rights of redress. 

SUBSCRIPTIONS Flempton GC subscription fees should not be paid without an invoice.  Cash is not accepted unless under exceptional circumstances.

The information supplied on this application form will be retained and processed according to legislation.

SERVICE EMAILS By becoming a member or responsible adult of a Junior member of Flempton Golf Club you are agreeing to receive service emails. When your membership is confirmed you will receive an email asking you whether you wish to receive club promotions and third-party marketing.

IMAGES  Player’s images are, at times, used to promote club activities. If you do not want to be photographed, please make it known at the time. Juniors will be asked to sign a Photographic Release form.

FGC’s Privacy Notice and GDPR Policy Documents can be found at

TERMS & CONDITIONS The Council reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions of membership categories within reason at any time without prior notice, including the right to increase green fees. 

INSURANCE – The Club accepts no responsibility for members’, guests’, or visitors’ belongings whether in lockers, changing rooms or any part of the Club premises. Members must have insurance cover for any damage they might do to property or person, or for any incident they may be involved in whilst on Club premises. For those paying affiliation fees England Golf Union provides personal liability insurance of limited scope – see their website.