Course Status: Open on main greens

Flempton Golf Club was host to the Persimmon Golf Society (PGS) for its classic clubs event on October 25th, 2021.

The event requires that all participants use only ‘vintage’ golf equipment, more specifically woods that are either of laminate or persimmon construction and irons that are not younger than the early 1990’s. Use of an old ball is permitted and encouraged and some of the participants choose to use a 1.62 size ball for the event. The participants comprised members of the PGS and a number of Flempton GC members who were new to the ‘classic golf’ experience. Indeed, two Flempton members were triumphant, James Hurst taking home the gross prize trophy with an excellent score of 70 (level par) and David Chicken taking the nett/points prize trophy. It should be noted that James Hurst (FGC Club Champion, 2021) achieved his score will a beautiful set of Hogan irons and woods from 1982 thus fully engaging with the spirit of the day and reiterating that its not the club but the swing that matters!

Flempton will host another classic clubs event on Monday, May 30th 2022. The course is ideal for such an event given its heritage, JH Taylor design features and its reasonable length. We hope the next event will be as successful as the last and that a precedent has been set for Flempton and classic golf going forward.

Christian McMillan